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Battery - Operated Toys

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Battery Operated Toys from the late 50's & 60's

Johnny Express Truck & Trailer with Tanker w/ box & Dump Body

Made by Topper Toys (Deluxe Reading Corp) in the mid 1960's. A working example of a lightly played with battery operated remote control toy. About a foot tall and very strong and durable plastic construction, one of my favorite toys. This working example comes with a very nice controller with battery cover that is often missing. The dump body is very nice along with the tanker accessory that come with generator, fender and red top covers as well as the original box. I will add reprints of the instructions for these items.


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Johnny Toymaker set w/box & accessories from Topper

This was a mid 60's Topper Toys (Deluxe Reading Corp) item that still heats up. Comes with the original mold for a Jaguar XKE as well as a few extra boxes of accessories to build more Jags, and a great poster showing the other items you could make like a FORD Mustang , boat & spiders. A great toy for your collection ....


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REMCO Lost in Space Robot w/ box

Very rare in this condition


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Marx Fred Flintstone & DINO the Dinosaur works

This is a lightly played with item with typical wear point on the tail & head, but in great working condition. Battery compartment in near mint condition and still as the original Flintstones tag on the bottom. About 2 feet long and a great addition to a 60's toy collection or for someone that collects cartoon memorabilia, will not find them in this great a shape that much.. The Dinosaur Toy MARX Toy Antique Vintage Fred Flintstone Dino the Dinosaur Toy This piece stands 9" tall by 22"long. 'Marx Toys Made in Japan Louis Marx & Co Inc'.

CLICK Here to see a movie of Fred & DINO Working      

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Working Battery Op Santa w/drum & Cragstan Dog

These are some example of 50's & 60's battery operating toys with the Santa still working and a great battery compartment. The Cragstan Dandy The Drumming Dog with the drum has a missing ear but nice fur and a good set of drum with some repairs.

CLICK Here to see a movie of working SANTA      

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Marx Garloo Giant Green Monster working motors

This was an early 60's large (about 2 feet tall) monster made by Marx that would bend at the waist, move forward and close its hand to pick up something. A lightly played with example that the motors still work after 40 years which is amassing. Has his original skirt / pant / loin cloth , necklace 'medallion' badge and metal chain bracelet. The steering works the front wheels switches did not work. This is sometimes called "THE GREAT GARLOO" - BY Magic Marxie - MARX TOYS


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Clancy Ideal Skating Monkey Chimp that works 1963

ideal toy co.'s clancy the great rollerskating chimp

Clancy is in excellent condition cosmetically. He even comes his hat, there was a coin that you fliped in the hat that made and electrical connection to make him move forward or use the switch in his hand. A cool sixties toys for a skating monkey or toys fan. About two feet tall

CLICK Here to see a movie of Clancy skating      

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Lot of 50's 60's Vintage Disney hand puppets & Wil E Coyote

This is a nice lot of early hand puppets tagged from GUND and Disney a WDP for Walt Disney Productions. In played with condition, and a few others including a road runner wil-e-coyote.


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