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Zook Doll in original box Bubbles #1035

This doll was purchased in the 1990's and cost $170 at the time. She is a beautiful doll and 20+" tall

Porcelain doll - Flower Girl - 20" high with stand. Long brunette hair curled and has a floral hairband. Carries a basket of flowers.

Zook Doll in original box Morgan ?

This doll was purchased in the 1990's and cost $190 at the time. She is a beautiful doll and 20+" tall has the name Bubble on head but box shows her as Morgan?

Porcelain doll - Baby Doll
Porcelain doll - baby in christening dress
Porcelain doll - Modern Tall
Robin Woods Doll Company - Visions of Romance Series - Whitney - The Flower Girl - White lace dress trimmed with pink and green flowers and ribbon. Comes with stand. Approx./ 8" tall. MIB. Dark hair is curly and has band of flowers around head.
Alice Darling - Emily Ann MIB - Let's Play Dolls
Green and pink dress with white shoes, long curls with green bow. Never been taken out of box. Box has slight crinkle in one corner.

Alice Darling - Marni - MIB and signed

Pink lacy dress with pink satin shoes, long curls and big bow on top of head. Comes with paperwork signed by Alice Darling - doll designer. Box in very good condition.

Alice Darling - Marni - MIB and signed - never taken out of box….Let's Play Dolls

Porcelain doll -
Baby Doll with wind up mechanics
VERY Old baby doll
Baby Bed

Collectible Vintage Madame Alexander Mama Kitten

Madame Alexander Mama Kitten - mid 1960s. Cloth body, vinyl arms, legs and head. Blond hair, Excellent condition, in original nightie, approx. 17" long.

Has a winder that turns but did not see action


Vintage Ideal Baby Thumbelina

Baby Thumbelina, Ideal Toy Company - mid 1960s, cloth body, vinyl arms, legs and head, blond hair, Excellent condition. Wind up knob makes doll move head,
Approx. 14" long


Vintage Ideal Kissy Toddler

Ideal Doll Corporation - early 1960s, plastic doll with blinking eyes, original hair and outfit with shoes-not cut; press arms together and doll makes kissing noise. Approximately 22" tall. Excellent condition - small ink stain on one finger but hardly noticeable.


Madame Alexander Huggums Doll with original outfit minty

Madame Alexander Huggums Doll - middle 1960s in original pink outfit. Cloth body, vinyl hands and head, blond hair. Cries when turned over.
Approx. 24" long, excellent condition.


Alexander Small Baby doll from 1960's with original outfit

Alexander Doll Company - mid 1960s vinyl baby doll with blinking eyes. Blond hair - original outfit. Doll approximately 12" long. Excellent condition. Looks like it came with a bottle since has an opening in mouth and bottom.


Vintage Mattel Chatty Baby Doll with original outfit minty

Chatty Baby doll - Ideal Doll Corporation - mid 1960s; blond hair, good condition; makes noise but garbled. Comes with original outfit. Approx. 18" long. Comes with several outfits including bib that says Chatty Baby.

Alexander Doll Company - early 1960s baby doll. Cloth body with sound maker that does not work and vinyl arms and legs. Doll sucks its thumb. Very Good condition. No clothes.

Porcelain Sugar Britches handmade in North Carolina

Porcelain doll - Reproduction of Sugar Britches - sleeping baby with cloth body with porcelain hands and head, dark hair. Approximately 18" long - white 2-piece outfit with hat.
Comes with white wooden doll cradle and cushions trimmed in lace. Cradle will be disassembled for shipping.


Dept 56 Heritage Village Collection and MORE from 1980 to 90's

These were all keep in a smoke free home and well cared for. Here is your chance to have an instant town for the price of just a few of these when they were brand new. These are selling on ebay for $15 to $40 each...:

From Retired collection of Department 56

One Horse Open Sleigh
New England Village Series - General Store
Red Covered Bridge
Childe Pond and Skaters
New England Village Series - Brick Town Hall

Misc includes
Church and House
4 Lamp post lighted with Battery Packs


Dept 56 like and scale Accessories some still in the original packaging
Vintage Christmas Ornament in original packaging with lamp strings and vintage spare lamps. These were some great items we found that we thought someone would enjoy this Christmas. They range in conditions from mint to good. We will not ship based on the fragile nature

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

These are in great condition with the original boxes one is missing the hook.


Hugh Lot of Vintage German Christmas Nativity 7 figures and 30 animals

This is a great lot that was in my extended family for years from Pennsylvania, and was well kept. Decided to keep the group as a whole rather than splitting it up since if has been together for over 60 years per my guess.

Individual items have been selling on ebay for $10 to $40 each so this is a great chance to keep what you want or sell the rest.

I will try to describe as best as possible put please look at the picture and click to enlarge them. I am a very careful with packaging but these are fragile so insurance would be a good thing will weight about 10 lbs .

A Putz was a Pennsylvania-Dutch miniature landscape or sometimes called underground, with varied figures, structures and animals. Some of these scenes were made on a grand scale; but smaller ones, equally pretty, and not so difficult to manage, were arranged at the foot of the Christmas tree. The tree was placed on a table, or, better still, was set in a large dry goods box with boards placed across the top of the box, as a foundation for the Putz.
Based on the age of the people that had these the items could be from the early 1900's and match what I have seen on the internet.

5 Vtg Antique Christmas German Germany Putz Wooly Stick Leg Sheep Lamb Nativity two have week legs
3 Vintage Paper Mache Large Nativity Sheep resting
9 Vintage Antique Putz Germany Christmas Nativity Stick Leg Camel
1 Vintage Antique Putz Germany Christmas Nativity Resting Camel
3 Vintage Antique Putz Germany Christmas Nativity Donkey
1 Donkey with real feel fur
1 Donkey Resting
3 White Chickens (2 roosters) with Metal Feet
3 Brown Chickens (1 rooster) with Metal Feet
1 Pheasant with metal feet
3 German Christmas Paper Mache Wise Men Nativity Figure Approx 4" Tall
1 Mary Figure
1 Joseph Figure (with string on hand?)
2 black servant (one with repairable head)