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These are some extra items I have to sell or trade (see the WANTED list for items I search for). If you are interested in buying or selling please contact me @
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Major Matt Mason

For Sale or Trade

Scorpio for sale Callisto for sale

Major Matt Mason
Blue Strap
No broken wires, minimal rubs (could easily be touched upto look mint)
near mint helmet
Reference Retail $95 SOLD

Very nice Matt Mason with silver cuffs. Matt has minimal paint loss. He does have a high thigh break on his right leg, but he displays very well. Matt also comes with a nice helmet. SOLD

Sergeant Storm (Matt Mason's Friend)
Blue Strap
No broken wires, few rubs mainly on rear, helmet with one bad hinge
Reference Retail $70

Doug Davis (Science Officer - Radiologist)
Black Strap
No broken wire, few rubs, nice helmet one smudge on visor.
Reference Retail $85

Callisto (Matt Mason's Alien Friend from Jupiter)
No broken wire, few rubs, head glows it is so clean and mint. has partial backback
Reference Retail $125

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