We buy old toy collection. Typically people have contacted me to ask me what a toy or a toy collection is worth. I am not appraisers but will give you a quote for what I will buy something for.  Please feel free to e-mail me, but I will try to explain my typical response to people on the issues of how much something is worth.

My knowledge and experience is with (click on the links to go to the pages showing some examples): FORD Mustang itemsHot Wheels ( Redlines ), Matchbox, Zowwees, TOPPER Toys (Johnny Lightning, Express & Service), Dinky, Corgi, Die-Cast Cars, Major Matt Mason, Pedal Cars & Tractors, Toy Airplanes, Tonka, IDEAL Motorific slot cars,  GI Joes and other items that you may have forgotten you ever had. We will also have some newer items that such as Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments and Kiddie Car Classics. Though most of the item on the pages above are not for sale, they will give you a good example of what the items looked like. I also have contacts to review other toy items and memorabilia.

In general an item is only worth what another person is willing to pay you for it.  At present the "baby boomers" have some disposable income and are trying to recapture some of there youth, so toys are hot.  If you look at it that way, you may think you can make a killing by either selling or buying on speculation toys or other items of interest.  I would caution you on this, remember baseball cards and the shops that were everywhere a few years ago.  My goals are to collect items that I enjoy and if I come across some extras I will try to "share".  I will try to shed some light on the subject using Hot Wheels as an example.

Let me tell you about die-cast and Hot Wheels collectors.  There are hundreds of collectors who want to buy die-casts cars and Hot Wheels.  The popular Hot Wheels are the ones made between 1968 and 1977.  These are commonly called Redlines since they are the ones that have the red stripes on their tires .  As I discussed above there are plenty of magazines that have stories about how expensive and valuable they are. This is true! but Hot Wheels in MINT  CONDITION are extremely scarce. Most childhood collection have no cars in this condition. Most of these collections have cars in conditions ranging from poor to fair to excellent (see my grading page ). 

The problem with judging what your toys are worth is, knowing what condition the items are in. Please feel free to e-mail  with a list of items, colors & condition (using this grading if possible as a reference). Or if you prefer, fax it to .  

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